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full automatic bottle blowing machine for 600ml bottle
  • full automatic bottle blowing machine for 600ml bottle

    These small machines are suitable for blowing PET bottles between 5ml and 600ml.

    Energy-saving, stable, small floor space is its outstanding characteristics.

    These bottle blowing machines has 2, 4, 6 and 8 cavities.

    • Product Info

      Bottle blowing machines are widely used in the production of water bottles, beverage bottles, oil bottles, cosmetic bottles, medicine bottles, chemical bottles, cans,
      Plastic packaging containers such as juice bottles, space cups, baby bottles, PP bottles, jars, eye drops, tennis bottles, candy bottles, etc.


      general information 单位unit      
      Model   YK600-3 YK600-4 YK600-6
       max.container volume L 0.6(1.5) 0.6 0.6
       cavity number PCS 3(2) 4 6
      max.container diameter mm 68(90) 68 68
      max.container height mm 250(340) 250 250
      max thread size mm 40(45) 40 40
       theoretical yield bph 3000(1800) 4000 7200
      mould center distance mm 75 75 75
       total power kw 50 66 66
      the actual use of power kw 10—15 15—20 25—30
      machine size M 3.1*1.5*2       3.9*1.6*2 4.8*1.85*2
      weigh KG 2200 2700 4000
       feeder size M 2.4*1.1*2.4 2.6*1.1*2.4 2.6*1.1*2.4
      weigh KG 250 250 250
      servo stretching  
       servo pushing  
      servo preform loading  
       servo clamping  
      compensation plate mould  
       precise temperature control  
      working pressure bar 9 9 9
       low air consumption m3/min 1.6 1.6 2.4
       blowing pressure bar 30 30 30
       high air consumption m3/min 2 2.5 4
      working pressure bar 5 5 5
      temperature range 10 10 10
      water consumption L/min 30 45 60

              标配   standard ●       可选配 optional ○       不可配 can't    /


      以上数据持续研发改进,仅供参考,若有变更,恕不另行通知。All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice

    • FAQ

      1.Can we make bottles of different designs on one machine?

      Yes. it can. Just change the mold.

      2. What are the available payment methods?

      Usually we use wire transfer, 30% advance deposit, 70% paid before shipment.

      3. How long is the delivery time?

      Generally semi automatic machine 20-30 days after confirming the drawings, full automatic machine 35-45 days after confirming the drawings, the deadline depends on the actual situation.

      4. Can I customize my own products?

      Yes, the machine color, logo, design, configuration, etc. can be customized according to your requirements.

      5. What is the complete set of machines and related products that produce bottles?

      Blow molding machine, bottle mold, air dryer,filter, chiller, air compressor,air tank.

      6. How long is the warranty period of your blow molding machine?

      1 year. Our machine is very durable and stable.

      7. Can you provide on-site installation, debugging and training services for the bottle blowing machine?

      Yes. We can. But the cost of this service will be an additional cost, depending on the location.

      8. Can you provide technical support for problems encountered in the production process?

      I am very sure of that. If you encounter any problems during the production process, we will assist you in solving the problems.

    • Shipping Info

      Transport by sea or rail

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