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Youshuo Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures and sells bottle blowing machine, extrusion blow molding machines, and auxiliary machines and molds.
The company’s bottle blowing machine is suitable for the production of PET, PP and other plastic polyester bottles and hollow containers. Plastic bottles are widely used in packaging industries such as medicine, cosmetics, nuts, mineral water, beverages, oils, detergents, beverages and food. The bottle blowing machine of our company can produce various bottles from 5ml to 25000ml, and the machines are sold all over the world.
The company’s extrusion blow molding machine can provide you with plastic molding equipment from 5ml to 120L. Covered industries: petrochemicals, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, cosmetics packaging, automobiles, sports, hardware tools and other industries. Applicable raw materials: PE, PP, PETG, PS, ABS, EVA····
The company has strong technical force and established a complete after-sales service system. Provide guidance and assistance to the problems and difficulties encountered in the development of the enterprise.

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